Pilot Regional Training Course and Exercise on the Expert Support Module for Nuclear Security Detection and Alarm Assessment 2023

11 DEC TO 23 DEC

The PPL will serve both as a demonstration area as well as a workspace which will allow trainees to configure, manipulate, and test different physical protection components, such as access controls and surveillance cameras.

While the DCC will serve to train participants on central alarm station operations. It is equipped with multiple workstations that can be configured for alarm monitoring, access control, and video monitoring, as well as for training on computer security.

During the event, the IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, Lydie Evrard, notified “The NSTDC is built to respond to growing requests by countries for capacity building in the field of nuclear security that could not be met elsewhere.”

“The IAEA has developed a training program that will complement the existing national and international mechanisms of nuclear security capacity building,” Deputy Director General Lydie Evrard added.

Month: December

Country: Indonesia

Industry: Defense/ Security

Year: 2023