World Conference on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking 2024


This event is not only an opportunity for doctoral candidates to present their papers and posters but also serves as a valuable networking platform. Over the years, the Conference has been attended by various security and military organizations, including the Cyber Security Policy Research Institute, more than 10 national defense colleges, NATO, SHAPE, and others.

The conference stands for the belief that information is power, and where there's power, there are individuals seeking to exploit it. WCCSEH positions itself as a proactive entity in the field of cyber security, aiming to combat cyber threats worldwide. It strives to be a hub for connecting people with insights, empowering them to stay ahead in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. Through both online outreach and global events, the conference fosters an environment for exchanging ideas, learning about the latest trends, and discovering solutions for a more secure future, challenging the notion that staying ahead of cyber security threats is impossible. The conference remains committed to being a reliable resource in the ongoing pursuit of a safer digital world.

Month: January

Country: Singapore

Industry: IT/ Digital