Financial Derivatives Part 1 Seminar Training Program 2024

13 FEB TO 24 FEB


In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!

History is actually an important subject. Knowing history well tells us why we are here today. Knowing history really well can sometimes even tell us where we are heading into the future!

Have a good understanding of the Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate markets, and the main Treasury products available in these markets, including Derivative Instruments.

Acquire a clear understanding of Financial Derivatives through focusing on the essential Mathematical Concepts that form the building blocks of these instruments.

Master the dynamics of Financial Derivatives as part of an extended toolbox of Financial Risk Management, which will in turn increase optimality in hedging strategies.

Have an understanding of how knowledge in Derivatives in the Foreign Exchange markets can also be extended to include Equity and Commodity market derivative instruments.

Have a hands-on opportunity to build Yield Curves – the backbone of most financial derivative products using Spreadsheets.

Usage of The PERMIT® Treasury & Financial Risk Management System and practical experience on structuring and pricing Financial Derivatives.

Month: February

Country: Singapore

Industry: Education/ E-learning /Training/ Coaching