Financial Crimes Summit 2024


Be at the World's Leading Financial Crimes Summit in SINGAPORE!

Financial crimes include white collar crimes, such as fraud, corruption, tax evasion, insider dealing, market manipulation, money laundering, terrorism financing and cybercrime. With a growing number of risks to confront, heightened regulatory expectations to deal with, and rapid technological change, staying informed and upskilled has never been more important for financial crime professionals.

Financial institutions especially face challenges to enhance their financial crimes prevention and detection capabilities whilst meeting obligations to provide sensitive information to key regulators. The growing emergence of fraud concerns in recent years, and the need to be operationally flexible to adjust detective and reporting processes in addressing emerging areas of financial criminal activities also mean organizations need to reassess and improve their current protocols and processes in tackling modern financial crimes.

Plus, as today’s world rapidly embraces digitization and cyber security risks escalate, the emphasis of fighting financial cybercrimes OR using cutting edge technology to deal with financial crimes are inevitable.

How can organizations improve their financial crimes monitoring strategies, KYC processes and risk management frameworks to tackle financial crime incidents?
What can organizations and financial institutions do to better enhance financial crimes prevention and detection capabilities whilst meeting regulatory requirements and the obligations to provide information to key regulators? How can organizations netter detect suspicious activities whilst ensuring robust governance and internal controls? How can organization deal with financial crime challenges created by digitalization and safeguard its assets and business? What should financial institutions do to put in place an effective anti-money laundering and fraud prevention program?

All these and more will be covered in detail at the long-awaited 10th Financial Crimes Summit 2024, happening 5-8 February 2024 in SINGAPORE. This much anticipated summit will bring about cross-industry financial crime management and prevention leaders from financial institutions and organizations in a closed-door setting, to network and share best practices in financial crimes detection, prevention and management to deal with any emerging financial crime risk. Not only will it serve to be a global networking and learning platform for Financial Crime

Management Professionals to network and obtain insights how to deal with ascending financial crime threats, tap on cross-disciplinary best practices in financial crime prevention frameworks, it will also provide the platform to develop a truly global community in our fight against financial crimes.

Month: February

Country: Singapore

Industry: Banking/ Financev